All the members of our band grew up here in Michigan.
We know that this place can be the hardest, coldest, most unrelenting place on Earth at times.
Yet this same piece of Earth has witnessed the greatest moments and joys in our lives as well.
We've laughed, cried, and yes even bled right along side every single one of you.
I guarantee that anything you and your family have been through - our families have been through.
The best of times and the most horrible tragedies and hardships you could imagine. 
The songs are like windows to our souls and are the living chronicles of our lives here in Michigan.
Sometimes it seems like we have no control of them. Like they have a life of their own.
Each band member adds a little piece of their soul to give the songs life.
  Sharing our songs with our family and friends is one of the greatest things that we can experience.
It's about our belief in the gifts we've been given and sharing them with as many people as we can.
Our originals have helped many people through tough times.
We hope they will continue to be a beacon of light through these dark times.
We have lived every single word and note of our songs.
If you listen closely we believe you will find that you have too!

Gervaseus Nerik - Lead Vocals, Guitar & Song Writer
Teague Wyckoff - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
TJ Lavery - Bass Guitar
Josh Brink - Drums
Mary Hopson - Harmony Vocals